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Form 27

Application for assignment of new registration mark on removal of a motor vehicle to...

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Form 36

Application for issue of a fresh Certificate of Registration in the name of the Financier...

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Form 34

Application for making an entry of an agreement of hire - purches/ lease / hypothecation...

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Form 32

Application for the Transfer of ownership in case of Motor Vehicle Purchased or acquired in...

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Form 31

Application for the transfer of ownership in the name of person succeeding to the...

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Form 28

Form of application for ‘No Objection Certificate and grant of Certificate.

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Form 20

Form of Application For Registration of a Motor Vehicle.

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Form 60

Form of Declaration to be filled by a person who does not have either a permanent Account...

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Form 29

Form of notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle.

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Form 25

Form of Renewal of Certificate of Registration of Motor Vehicle other than a Transport...

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