Issuance of No Objection Certificate for registration of vehicle in another State

Name of Services

Issuance of No Objection Certificate for registration of vehicle in another State


7 working days for preparing NOC as per notification by Right to Service Commission of Haryana


Any vehicle owner taking his/her vehicle from Haryana to another state

Designated officer

Sub Divisional Officer (Civil)



Sr. No.






File Preparation

Applicant should visit the facilitation center or ASK, to have an operator fill in the prescribed forms online. Attach all required documents to the printed form provided by the Facilitation Desk or ASK.

Applicant should fill the prescribed form(s) on the Parivahan website and pay fees. Applicant should print the filled form and attach all required documents.


File Verification

Applicants to have their files physically verified by an RLA clerk. A deficiency slip to be given to citizen if the file is rejected; this slip should contain the clear reason for rejection and guide the citizen on how it can be corrected.


File Submission

Applicant should submit file at the counter along with on-the-spot photograph, payment of fees and booking slot for stall test (If not already booked/paid).


Delivery Document

The certificate will be sent to the Applicant through speed post system. A tracking ID will be messaged on dispatch within 7 days.


Form Required:


Form 28


Form 34 (in the case of vehicle subject to an agreement of hire purchase/lease/hypothecation)


Documents Required:


Registration Certificate


Insurance Certificate


Evidence of payment of road tax up-to date (Where no tax is payable for a certain period, a certificate from the tax collecting authority that no tax is due from the vehicle for the said period)