Learner Driving Licence

Name: Learner Driving License

Eligibility: Any citizen who has attained 18 years of age

Designated Officer: Sub Divisional Officer (Civil)


Sr. No.






File Preparation

Applicant should visit the facilitation center or ASK, to have an operator fill in the prescribed forms online. Attach all required documents to the printed form provided by the Facilitation Desk or ASK.

Applicant should fill the prescribed form(s) on the Parivahan website, pay fees and book a slot for STALL test. Applicant should print the filled form and attach all required documents


File Verification

Applicants to have their files physically verified by an RLA clerk. A deficiency slip to be given to citizen if the file is rejected; this slip should contain the clear reason for rejection and guide the citizen on how it can be corrected


File Submission

Applicant should submit file at the counter along with on-the-spot photograph, payment of fees and booking slot for stall test (If not already booked/paid)


Stall Test

Applicant has to appear for Stall Test at the centre during his/her slot. Result will be conveyed at the same time. If Applicant fails the test, he/she would have to book the slot again at the counter and reappear for the test until cleared. On passing, the license will be sent through speed post


Document Delivery

If applicant passes the test, they will be able to download and print their Learners License.

Forms Required: Form 2 (CMVR)

 Documents Required: 3 copies of passport size colour photograph

Proof of Age  

  1.  Documents accepted under Proof of Age:
  •  Passport – Passport serves as both Age and Residence proof
  •  Electoral Role / Voter ID
  •  Birth Certificate
  •  Driving License 
  •  Aadhar
  •  Employers certificate in case of Central Govt/ State Govt/ Local Bodies supported by attested copy of ID card
  •  Proof of Residence 
  •  Consent of parent in case of minor

 2. Documents accepted under Proof of Residence:

  • Passport - Passport serves as both Age and Residence proof
  • Electoral Role / Voter ID
  • Proof of legal presence in India in addition to proof of residence in case of foreigners
  • Electricity/ Telephone/ Water Charges Bill
  • Certificate of registration in case of firm or company
  • Certificate issued by Principal of educational institution in case of students residing in hostel
  • Rent deed / Rent agreement
  • House allotment letter issued by government department
  • Employers certificate in case of Central Govt/ State Govt/ Local Bodies/ Pvt Ltd. Company supported by attested copy of ID card