The following requirements have been prescribed in rules :-
(1) The applicant and the staff working under him should be of good moral character and qualified to give driving instructions.
(2) The premises where the school or establishment is proposed to be conducted should be either owned by the applicant or taken on lease by him or hired in his name and should have adequate provision for conducting lecture and demonstration of models besides adequate parking area for the vehicles meant to be used for imparting instructions in driving.
(3) The financial resources of the proposed school or establishment should be sufficient to provide for its continued maintenance.
(4) The applicant should own and maintain a minimum of one motor vehicle each of the type in which instruction is imparted in the school or establishment.
(5) The vehicles should be available exclusively for purposes of imparting instruction and all such vehicles, except motor cycles, are fitted with dual control facility to enable the instructor to control or stop the vehicle.
(6) The applicant should maintain the following apparatus, equipment and other requirements, namely:—
(a) a blackboard,
(b) a road plan board with necessary model signals and charts,
(c) traffic signs chart,
(d) chart on automatic signals and signals given by traffic controllers where there are no automatic signals,
(e) a service chart depicting a detailed view of all the components of a motor vehicle,
(f) engine gear box, brake shoe and drums (except where the applicant desires to impart instruction in the driving of motor cycles only),
(g) puncture kit with tyre lever, wheel brace, jack and tyre pressure gauge,
(h) spanners (a set each of fix spanners, box spanners, pliers, screw drivers, screw
spanners, and hammer),
(i) driving instructions manual,
(j) benches and tables for trainees and work bench,
(m) a collection of books on automobile mechanism, driving, road safety, traffic regulations, laws relating to motor vehicles and related subjects
(n) a fully equipped first-aid box for use in emergency at the premises.

(7) The applicant or any member of the staff employed by him for imparting instructions should possess the following qualifications, namely:—
(a) a minimum educational qualification of a pass in the 10th standard,
(b) a minimum driving experience of five years in addition to a certificate in a course in motor mechanics or any other higher qualification in mechanical engineering from an institution established by the Central or a State Government or from an institution recognised by the Board of Technical Education of a State Government,
(c) thorough knowledge of traffic signs specified in the Schedule to the Act and the
regulations made under section 118,
(d) ability to demonstrate and to explain the functions of different components, parts of the vehicles,
(e) adequate knowledge of English or the regional language of the region in which the school or establishment is situated.